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VTS & Hightower

At VTS I designed workflow and analysis tools for commercial real estate professionals. My team worked on interactive floor plans and financial analysis tools. I was responsible for user research, UX and visual design.



The visual command center for your asset

Our team was tasked with creating interactive plans for office and retail buildings to give real estate owners and brokers the ability to analyze and take action on their buildings in real time.

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How can we use floor plans as a tool to analyze assets? 

During the problem discovery phase used user research, brainstorming techniques and to frame our problem. We synthesized data from these sessions into a cohesive user story map. We then created low fidelity wireframes, which we tested with our users. 



We were able to gain a good understanding of how real estate professionals currently visualize their buildings and how they share their analyses. On working with many stakeholders in the field we were also able to determine what key data points drove our users to dig deeper or take action.  We were also faced with the challenge of creating a tool for users that approach building analysis from many different entry points. It was important for us to be able to create a tool that was useful through all stages of the leasing process.



Solution Discovery & Sketching

I worked closely with our users to create an interactive experience that supported their workflows, and was easy to use. We relied on existing floor plans and visual artifacts that our clients story to develop our visual language. We then created a style guide and system that could convert any existing floor plan into interactive components that could be used with the tool.


Navigation Redesign

The merger of VTS and Hightower gave us the opportunity to rethink our navigation structure to optimize for the combined user base and make our features more discoverable.

You can learn about it here