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Purple Patriot

I worked with a startup called Purple Patriot to design a mobile experience to reimagine how people engage with their government, in order to increase civic engagement.



Re - imagining our conversations with government

I worked with the team at purple patriot to define their design strategy and research methodology to help them take a human centered approach to the problem of improving civic engagement

We used design sprints, and research to understand the problem space and based on that knowledge we developed information architecture, UX and a visual language for the experience.

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Because young people don’t feel connected to their local government they are uncomfortable communicating with their elected officials

We set out to understand how our target audience interacts with their governement at

I defined a variety of research methods to understand the heuristic issues with the current experience and to redefine the current problem space - after that I worked with the team to conduct a design sprint and brainstorming sessions to help define the visual experience

PS: Due to confidentiality I cannot share more information on the research or synthesis process


How might we empower the millennial to  stay understand and participate in their local and federal government.

After research synthesis I worked on creating a visual experience and information architecture conducive to our target audience. We then conducted usability testing with people to understand whether they were learning from our experience and how likely they were to actually interact with their elected officials

News about issues you care about

News about issues you care about

Information on your elected officials

Information on your elected officials

Bills in the senate and house

Bills in the senate and house

Events near you

Events near you


Creating a non - partisan visual experience.

It was important for purple patriot to create an unbiased experience for users. We used neutral color schemes and iconography to achieve neutrality. We also focused on creating a visual experience that was habit building and lightweight.