Presciptive Data

I worked with prescriptive data to design the interface for a machine learning platform that optimizes resource usage in large commercial buildings. I was responsible for the end to end research and design of the product as well as design for their branding and marketing initiatives


Visualizing the daily workflow of an engineer

We conducted a deep exploration on how engineers sequentially analyze their data and mapped specific actions they take based on their analysis. Armed with that research, I was able to create a dashboard that allowed engineers to access different types of data such as occupancy and HVAC, visualize patterns and take relevant action. 


Understanding the future

Prescriptive Data's technology allowed engineers to utilize recommendations based on machine learning to make key decisions. In addition to core analysis tools, I also designed features to help engineers automate and monitor certain processes using ML predictions. 



I also designed tools for our internal teams to manage, aggregate and analyze building data to provide market level data and recomendations.